Based in the heart of Birmingham Grange Live Gaming is a six storey playground for all ages.

News and Updates

09/07/2019: With the Summer Holidays fast approaching its time to make some plans. So come join us every Thursday for an awesome day of HeroBlast, HADO and Nerf. You get all 3 activities with just one ticket. Just click this booking link.

23/06/2019: Our new Pizza Oven has arrived! Yes: we will soonbe adding pizza to our Bravo Brews hot food menu. We also have a fuller range of panini, breakfast muffins and toasties as well as ice cream and ice lollies (which are always nice, regardless of the weather outside...)

22/06/2019: Photocopiers are now back in stock in the Rage Room! They are standalone exclusive one hour deals and great for groups of 4 - 8 people.

13/03/2019: More Kickstarter games have been added to the Sidekick Games store: THE EXCLUSIVE JUDGE DREAD ROLEPLAYING GAME, Summoner's Isle, Clash of Rage, Wreck and Ruin & Dark Dealings have all just arrived!

28/12/2018: We are pleased to announce that next year we will be offering our membership scheme again. So if you want 10% of all your activities and a free birthday gift then sign up now for just £60.

23/12/2018: Gift Vouchers can now be purchased at the online store. They are available in £20, £30, £40 and £50 denominations and can be redeemed towards any activity run by Grange Live Gaming at the Bravo One site as shown in the top menu bar.

New Years 2019/2020 at Bravo One - A massive interactive Cyberpunk city with Cinema, Arcades, AR gaming, Table Top gaming, cafe, Bar and more to follow.

Check out Heroblast Academy!

Fancy a unique activity for everyone young and young-at-heart? Why not enroll in Heroblast Academy here!

Available to play NOW!


   Bravo Brews -

Our onsite Cafe!

Whichever activity you partake in, there's always time to grab some refreshments at Bravo Brews. Located on the ground floor, we serve a range of hot and cold drinks, chocolate bars, and snacks. Fancy something a little more filling? Try our paninis, toasties, or breakfast muffins! Or how about you need to satisfy your sweet tooth? We have gluten free brownies and ice lollies to help!

SideKick Games is located on the first floor at  Bravo One. We stock an extensive range of Kickstarter Board Games and Roleplay Books. Often bundled with promotional materials, expansions and more, these items represent great value for money and the chance to explore the innovation and design by independent games creators.

Head over to our store to see what we have in stock!

We also have a function room with a well-stocked board games library that is free to use during shop opening hours and is available for private hire as well.

For a great start to a night out or just a fun way to spend an afternoon visit the Rage Room at Bravo1. Find out more by clicking on the Rage Room tab!
(Minimum age 18 years old)

Birmingham Medieval Combat Training every Thursday Evening. Click the logo for more information.

Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing at Bravo 1


Local Hotel and Food Recommendations

Best Western- Plough and Harrow Hotel

15% discount of all food and beverages using code PloughRage.