The Grange Live Gaming Team

We love what we do here at Grange Live Gaming, so you will always find someone here that will share your passion with your favorite activity.


Name: Jim

Position: Director


About Jim:


Name: Andi

Position: Director


About Andi:


Name: Rie

Position: HR & Information Officer


About Rie:


Name: Ritchie

Positions: Duty Manager, Gunsmith


About Ritchie:


Name: Tom

Position: Duty Manager


About Tom:


Name: Steve

Position: Corporate Liaison


About Steve:

Name: Ray

Positions: Juniors Activities Manager, Sidekick Games Store Manager

Activities: Nerf, Heroblast, Rage Room, Hado, Board Games

About Ray: Ray is a Magic: The Gathering referee and has worked previously at Upper Deck and Hasbro prior to joining GLG. He loves his board games and is addicted to backing too many Kickstarter projects at the moment (20+ at time of writing...)


Name: Hannah

Position: Cafe Manager


About Hannah:


Name: Will

Position: Airsoft Specialist


About Will:


Name: Diz

Position: Site Engineer


About Diz:

Name: Captain Tom Starbucks

Position: Assassin

Activities: Plotting, Scheming, Espionage

About Tom Starbucks: Not much is known about Starbucks except for the fact if he spots you within an airsoft game, you are likely already dead....

Part Time Staff





Career & Volunteer Opportunities

We will post any paid position vacancies in this section.

If you wish to submit a speculative CV, you can email us at (.docx or .pdf format only)

Live Roleplayers/ Actor Volunteers

We are always on the lookout for LARPers or actors to help out with the following story-based activities here at Grange Live Gaming (and sometimes at our outdoor site in Balsall Common):

Zombie Horror, Super heroes/villains

These are Non-Player Character roles (NPCs) and times and dates are wholly dependent on customer bookings. These are unpaid positions, but lots of fun. If you want to be considered, use our contact page and if we need you, we will talk to you about upcoming events. Don't worry if you can't commit to an event when we ask you: there's always the next one!