Welcome to Sidekick Games within Grange Live Gaming!

Sidekick Games is not your average board game store: Instead of stocking the usual evergreens such as Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Lords of Waterdeep, etc. we curate and back interesting board games via Kickstarter. Saw a game that was KS-ed a year ago and regret not backing it? We may have it here!

Note we only stock KS versions (often backed at Retailer Pledge level) and not the retail versions, meaning our copies will often have exclusive KS stretch goal items.

Of course this means when we are sold through a particular item, that's it: no restocks, no re-ordering. We've moved onto the next KS project! The prices you see are usually all-inclusive and we never split up the core games and their exclusive items (i.e. we don't sell the KS items separately, sorry!) 

Kickstarter games that we have stocked in the past (but no longer available): Rising Sun, Lords of Hellas, Village Attacks, Giant Killer Robots.

New ones are always being updated so keep an eye out on this page!

Opening Times:

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Come and play with us!

We have a function room next to our shop which is perfect for playing board games. Play one from our board game library or bring your own. Even better why not hire out the whole room (starting at £30 a day)? We have a fully stocked cafe to fulfill all your needs (including some gluten and dairy-free options).