Action Air: Airsoft Pistol Shooting

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We run regular coached evenings every Thursday night. We also run beginner classes on the first Wednesday of the month.

Action Air is a rapidly growing sport in the UK with new clubs opening every couple of months.
This fast paced airsoft based shoot and move target sport requires accuracy, consistency, speed and above all safety from its competitors.

At Bravo One we have three dedicated firing ranges and a separate safety and prep area that is open for training 5 days a week. We run monthly club matches, plus regular training sessions and host some of the biggest national and international matches in the UK.

Our staff are all certified tournament grade shooters and we have onsite Club Coaches and Action Air Handgun safety instructors and examiners meaning we can take you from your first steps into the sport all the way through to competing at international level.

Juniors from 11 and up are very welcome, as are Ladies, Senior (50+) and Super Senior (60+) competitors. This is a sport for everybody.