Archery War

Fast paced team versus team game play using low power bows and padded arrows. A ridiculous amount of fun.
Suitable for group of 10 to 20 participants.


Players are spread out across one of our 10,000 sq foot floors at Bravo One and each armed with a bow and 2 arrows. Once you've fired your arrows collect new ones from the ground and carry on firing back.
Team flags are hung either side of the play area, when struck with an arrow get to a team flag to re-enter the game.
Starting in the middle of the floor area is a padded spear, at each of the floor is a shield. Touch the spear to the enemy shield to score a point. Most points scored in a 15 minute round wins the round. Most rounds won wins the day.

Price and Session Length

Archery war experiences can be booked for any day of the week. The whole event takes about 2 hours start to finish and is a flat fee of £250, so the more people you bring the cheaper it becomes per head.