Welcome to the world of HADO, where Augmented Reality (AR) and Sports collide.


Visit www.hadouk.co.uk for game details and session prices.

 Hado Player vs. Player!

This is the ultimate in AR/Sports Crossover: Play 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3. Shoot projectiles at each other in an attempt to score the most hits within the time limit.


Shields and other special moves are available to deflect and introduce further tactics into the game.

Hado PvP is perfect for stag and hen parties, team building exercises, birthday parties and more! Each game lasts only 80 seconds and we can arrange tournament style structures to find out who is truly the best Hado player!

If your team is good enough, you might just end up participating at the annual international Hado World Cup that carries a £20,000 prize pool! Start practicing and fight your way through the qualifiers!

 Hado Monster Battle!

Fight a live raid battle against a range of awesome creatures. Can you and your friends overcome fire breathing dragons, stone golems and more?!

Hado Shoot!

Fight back wave after wave of minions in this traditional 'tower defense' setup. Use your wits and skills to show off against your friends who is the ultimate defender!

Remember, we are the ONLY Hado Centre in the whole of the UK and located in the heart of Birmingham City Centre.

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