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this Activity is only for people OVER the age of 18

Fancy having a smashing time? Then here's your chance! Rage Room is the perfect place to de-stress, team build, or have an unforgettable date.

Your booking is for 30 minutes, and includes various items for you to destroy. Additional items are available to purchase in our store to add to your experience. The cost is for the room, not per person, so if you want to bring friends and family (up to 6 people per session) you are more than welcome! 

We are open 7 days a week with Saturdays being our busiest day.

There is on-street parking (free on Sundays) and several nearby NCP car parks.

Visit our facebook page and share your memories with us!

Basic package: £20 

This package includes:

  • 5 small items
  • 1 medium item

This is the perfect package if you're not sure if the Rage Room is the thing for you but want to check it off your bucket list. This a great taster session to get you in the mood, and it you take a liking to it

Deluxe Package: £45

This package includes:

  • 10 small items
  • 3 medium items
  • 1 large item

This our recommendation for groups, couples, and anyone that just needs to vent. It takes some serious energy to get through this package, but if you do, you are more than welcome to purchase additional items!

Frequently asked questions

How do I Book a time slot?

Once you have booked, contact us at or call us on 0121 643 2477 to confirm the day and time you would like for your booking. Note that Saturdays are our busiest days and can not guarantee your preferred time slot, sorry!  

How Early Should I arrive?

As early as you can! Your 30 minute slot starts from the time you booked in for. 

For example, if your slot starts at 4:00pm and you arrive at 4:00pm you're going to have to cut into your smashing time to fill in your paper work, get fitted in to your boiler suits, and have your safety brief. That's almost 10 minutes of your smashing time wasted, and that would suck.

Whereas, if your booking is at 4:00pm and you arrive at 3:45pm, you have time to fill in your paperwork, grab a drink from our cafe, and maybe even get the opportunity to start your session early! 

I've GOT A PLAYLIST I want to play.

Whilst some of our staff provide a playlist, we recommend bringing your own soundtrack for your experience (make it personal)! Connect to our speaker (via Bluetooth or audio jack), whack the volume up, and smash away to your favourite tracks!

I Want to record my experience.

We have camera mounts attached within the room now! Hook up your phone, press record and smash away! Don't forget to upload and share on facebook and instagram @RageRoomUK afterwards! #rageroomuk


Be sensible, please wear comfortable closed-toe shoes. 

But I don't want my clothes to get ruined!

Don't worry about that, we have boiler suits, gloves, and full face protection. We've got you covered, literally!

What do I get to smash*?

Small Items: Glass bottles, PC Peripherals such as speakers and computer mice.etc

Medium Items: Keyboards, office phones.etc

Large Items: Flatscreen monitors, home printers, laptops.etc

Deluxe Items starting from £15 (perfect for larger groups to share): Office Printers, LED TV's, and anything we can get our hands on that smashes beautifully! These are rare but oh-so satisfying...

*All items are limited in quantity and we reserve the right to make substitutions. We apologise if your choice of item isn't available during your booking.

can i bring my own things to smash?

Unfortunately, due to insurance reasons, we can no longer allow people to bring in their own items. Sorry about that!

OK then, what about donating stuff to the rage room?

We will happily accept donations under the right circumstances. Please contact us directly.