Welcome to Sidekick Games

Sidekick Games, based in the heart of Birmingham City center is home to our recently refurbished dedicated tabletop, board and card gaming space. Hosting regular play evenings, private hire and our exclusive Kickstarter store!


  • Missed out on a Kickstarter Pledge?
  • Tired of waiting for retail versions with content cut out?

We stock a selection of curated games backed on Kickstarter, that are usually unavailable anywhere else, with all the stretch goals, bonuses and exclusives that never reach the retail shelves. Check our online store or pop down and take a look at the hottest new releases.


  • Tired of Monopoly?
  • Looking for a place to play tabletop games?
  • Want to play in tournaments?

Join us in store for our weekly gaming events and growing communities, whether your delving dungeons with your D20's, waging war with huge armies across battlefields or carefully playing cards from a dutifully built deck outwitting your opponents, we can cater for you and your group.

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