Christmas Parties

Bravo One style

If you're tired of the same old Christmas party then this year try something different and have a party Bravo One style.

We are a 6 storey indoor playground for all ages. Offering a variety of different activities and packages for our customers, we are committed to delivering the right package at the right price.

The Christmas activities we currently offer are: 

Santa Vs Grinch Airsoft - An evening's airsoft including all equipment and ammo with a variety of missions to save Christmas.  £36 per person inc VAT. Group size 10-48 

Archery war- Fast paced team v team gameplay using low power bows and padded arrows. A ridiculous amount of fun. £250 inc VAT. Group size 10 to 20 participants. 

HEMA- A two hour training class in historical European martial arts with our instructor Jim Sephton who has been teaching HEMA for ten years. £250 inc VAT. Group size up to 20 people. 

Hero Blast Academy- Superhero lasertag guaranteed to bring out the hero in all of you. £12 inc VAT per person per hour with a minimum charge of £120. Group size up to 20 people. 

IPSC- This fast-paced airsoft based shoot and move target sport requires accuracy, consistency, speed and above all safety from its competitors. Our group session for up to 6 people lasts 2 hours and is a flat fee of £120 pounds inc VAT and includes all equipment and ammunition. 

Nerf War - Designed for the big kid in all of us, this activity is great for anyone who wants the fun of shooting but without the sting of airsoft. £12 inc VAT per person per hour with a minimum charge of £120. Group size 8-30

Victorian Self Defence - A two hour training class in Bartitsu, the martial art of Sherlock Holmes, with our instructor Jim Sephton. £250 inc VAT. Group size up to 20 people.

Zombie Experience - Can you fight your way to the heart of what has been unleashed and put an end to it, or fall and become another of the numberless horrors that haunt this place? Price per person £60 inc VAT. Group size 6 – 18 people.

Bravo One House Party - Book a whole floor or the whole building with a selection of activities throughout the evening.


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