Open games run regularly on Wednesday evenings 6.30-10.30 approximately and Sunday full day 8.30-4.30. 

Anyone is welcome to play from ages 11 up. Whilst anyone is welcome to attend, numbers are limited so advance booking is recommended but where possible we will accommodate people who arrive on the day. 

Open games can all be booked via the Booking link on the main site menu.

Pay on the day is fine but will cost you 20% more than paying in advance.


Wednesdays site opens at 6.30pm, safety brief at 7.30pm, games start at 8pm and games end around 10.30pm

Sundays site opens 8.30am, safety brief at 9.30am, game starts at 10am. Break for lunch around 1pm for an hour then recommence play until around 4.30pm.

Special Events

Last Friday of the month (GBBR,pistol & springer only)  site opens at 6.30pm, safety brief at 7.30pm, games start at 8pm and games end around 10.30pm

Private Games

Each game floor is available for private hire any day of the week. Private hire includes one of our site marshals per floor that you hire, who will be present just for health and safety if you wish to run your own team training or scenarios, or our marshal can run and organize the games on the day for you.


Basic Site Rules

Max fps with 0.2g bb is 330fps (with a 5% variance allowed for chrono error), all guns will go through chrono before they will be allowed into game

Max bb weight is a 0.25g

Single shot only at all times (trigger spamming is not single shot), multi shot shotguns, moscarts etc are all allowed.

Do not arrive wearing tac gear or carrying anything that clearly looks like a gun, you will be refused entry. Be sensible this is a city centre location ensure all gear is properly and safely transported to and from site.

There will be a full safety brief before play starts to explain the rules and all potential safety issues.