Our February Half Term Activities runs from Saturday 17th to Sunday 25th February

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Private space for parties after your activity is also available and we are happy for you to provide your own party catering and will facilitate in any way we can.

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Grange Live Gaming Half Term Activities

Grange Live Gaming is proud to present a series of junior activities especially for 8-16 year olds during the February Half Term Holidays!

Activities are between 1 and 1.5 hour in duration, open to both kids and their parents and pricing starts at £5 per session. We run different activities on each day: For example, you can play Nerf Warsin the morning followed by Heroblast in the afternoon.

  • Heroblast (£5, 1.5 Hour): Play our exclusive laser tag game using power gloves instead of guns. Choose from one of three different classes (Titan, Commando or Medic) and take part in our storyline adventure!
  • Nerf Wars (£5, 1.5 Hour): We have our huge 6000 sq. ft. arena to run and shoot. You can bring your own nerf guns or use one from our range.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh (Free, 1.5 Hour): We believe in the highly educational aspect of this fun card game. New players can learn strategy, combat maths and sportsmanship. We provide all the cards needed, but players can bring their own cards as well.
  • Archery Wars (£5, Age 11+, 1 Hour): Chase each other with bows and foam-tipped arrows. Play Robin Hood in this safe variant of archery.
  • Airsoft Pistol Shooting (£5, Age 11+, 1 Hour): Under the tutelage of our resident expert, youngsters get an introduction to target shooting using tiny ball-bearing (BB) pellets.
  • Airsoft Skirmish (£10, Age 11+, 2.5 Hours): We have 3 whole floors dedicated to our most popular sport Airsoft! Play in a variety of games under the safe supervision of our onsite experts. Rifles, ammunition and full-face safety masks are provided.
  • LightSeekers Trading Card Game Demos (Free, 24th Feb,12pm - 5pm): On Saturday 24th February we have demos of the Lightseekers TCG. Come, learn and have fun in this awesome game!

Airsoft Skirmish: Saturday 17th, Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd (1pm – 3.30pm)

Airsoft Pistol Shoot: Saturday 17th, Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd (5pm – 6pm)